How to add privacy to your garden


Landscape Design Ideas That Add Privacy Your Backyard

Having a garden can be a total dream. Enjoying the outdoors and having friends and family around in the summer is a great feeling. But noisy neighbors, main roads, or shared areas can quickly turn relaxation into a frustrating activity that simply isn’t worth the hassle.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you should be able to enjoy it to its fullest. That’s why we’re sharing some great landscaping ideas to help you add privacy to your garden, so you can get back to sunbathing or entertaining guests.

Install a pergola

A pergola can help to provide shade for the brightest areas of the garden. They’re perfect for using in seating areas to add a level of privacy from onlookers. Paired with seating and soft furnishings, pergolas are a great way to add a romantic setting for summer date nights at home without having to completely block out the sunshine.

Using a pergola with sides also means you don’t have to spend money on fencing off the whole garden. Instead, you can have a small area covered while the rest of the space remains open.

These installations are also great for making use of the garden all year round. Those daring enough can use the space to have a fire pit where the family can snuggle up under blankets and enjoy the cooler nights together.

Create a living fence

Add greenery and privacy all in one with a living fence. Living fences are a great, sustainable option that can also help protect the lawn and soil in your garden. It’s also the perfect solution to privacy for green thumbs who love maintaining the gardens, as hedges typically require pruning and trimming.

For those looking for something a little prettier than a hedge, if you’re willing to wait for plants to grow, you can create a beautiful living fence of flowers and vines along trellises that will be filled with wildlife in the Spring. There are plenty of online stores offering living wall starter kits and other landscape design supplies such as green wall panels, so be sure to look around to find the best deals. Some suppliers even offer an eco range of products.

Add a water feature

If it’s the noise that annoys you most, there’s nothing better than the sound of running water on a still summer’s day. Adding a water feature will allow you to talk privately without the neighbors’ hearing and will also stop you from hearing the traffic and other families in the local area.

Depending on what kind of cover you want from your water feature, the further the water falls down, the louder the noise – and you don’t want to constantly have to shout to be heard.

Besides simple fencing, there are plenty of other ways to add privacy to your outdoor space that also look great. Using the above ideas, such as a pergola, living fence that looks attractive, or water feature, is a great way of adding privacy without making it too obvious to neighbors that that’s what you’re doing. They’ll also add a level of sophistication and makes the space more desirable should you choose to sell your property.