Most anticipated gadgets of 2017


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I’M ON a flight to Las Vegas, it’s late at night and everyone around me is asleep. I should be too, but then my ‘I can’t ever sleep on flight’ syndrome has reared its ugly head. Adding to that is my excitement about CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the event I’m travelling for. Here then is my list of the most anticipated gadgets of 2017 from this future of tech show.

Nokia P1: Nokia is back and is making most fans giddy with excitement. The first phone will be the P1, a water and dust proof high-end Android device, 5.5 inches screen, Quad HD display, and Nokia level optics and performance. If they deliver a good product, this could set the cat amongst the pigeons.

Google Pixel Notebook: What would you get if you combine the best of Chrome OS and Android on your phone? Well, it’s called the Andromeda OS. And that’s what makes up the all new laptop from Google. Very powerful, great form factor and an OS that works both as Notebook and Tablet.

iPhone 10: Most think it’ll be called the iPhone 8, but I’m going out on a limb and calling it the 10 for the 10th anniversary. All glass design, wireless charging, OLED curved display, zero bezel and no home button. This will be Apple pulling out all the stops. They need to!

New iPads: You may go ho hum and say who cares, but this is important. All new 7.9-inch iPad Mini and 12.9-inch iPad Pro plus, a 10.9 inch screen in the same form factor as the 9.7 with zero bezel and no home button.

Samsung Galaxy S8: If ever a phone had to fill big boots, then here it is. Samsung may just pull off a miracle. Bezel-less design, no home button, 8GB RAM, fingerprint reader beneath the display, no headphone jack, dual camera and a few other ‘never before’ features. Remember the Note 8 will be just around the corner after that.

Fitbit Watch: They bought out Pebble, and now expect a brand new form factor and an all-new kind of product from Fitbit that is as much a fitness band as it is a smartwatch.

HTC Ocean: I’m calling this the HTC resurgence year, and kicking things off will be the HTC Ocean. Curved screen, the best camera ever in an Android phone that beats even the Google Pixel, no physical buttons in the front, zero bezel and a stunning design. Welcome back, HTC.

Nintendo Switch: Nintendo is getting used to hitting things out of the park and its new gaming console is the first real hybrid console. It works while connected to a TV for big screen action, and travels with you as a portable gaming machine. They need to be out on time though.

Google Pixel 2: When you pull off a miracle, you make sure there is an encore. The Pixel 2 will push every hardware boundary and then add some serious Artificial Intelligence in its voice assistant feature. The camera technology is unheard of before.

Microsoft Project Scorpio: It’s been described as ‘the most powerful gaming console ever’. With 6 teraflops of graphics processing power, true 4K gaming and made from the ground-up for VR headsets, this may be a new era of gaming.

Huawei P10: The P9 absolutely killed it and the P10 may just up that. First with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, 5.5-inch curved QHD display, Leica dual-lens rear cameras, Kirin 960 chip and 6GB RAM. It’s just the first round of rumours.

Microsoft Cortana Harman Kardon Speaker: Microsoft needs to take on Amazon and Google in the voice assistant game and the answer may well lie in teaming up with Harman Kardon to integrate its Cortana voice assistant in a new device. It looks good and sounds great.

OnePlus 5: The 4 may never make it as the number is taken to be unlucky in certain Asian quarters. Thus the 5 needs to be two generations ahead. Premium metal form factor, Snapdragon 835 processor, 5.5-inch QHD display, 8GB RAM, 28 Megapixel camera and a 4,000mAh battery. Woof!

Amazon Echo 2: If you come up with a device that kicks off the voice assistant market, then expectations are high with the version 2. Rumours suggest that it’ll come with a screen to display information as you ask for it and even project it.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Microsoft is set to launch the all new Surface phone. 8GBRAM with 512GB storage, USB-C ports, fingerprint scanner, 5.7-inch AMOLED display, wireless charging and the ability to run full-fledged Windows 10 desktop apps.