Why Assisted Living Is a Great Option for Senior Loved Ones


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As our loved ones age, they need more care and attention. For seniors who need specialized care, assisted living facilities are a great option. However, making the transition from independent living to assisted living can be a challenge, especially for seniors who value their independence. There are numerous reasons why making the transition is great for seniors. Here are some of the best reasons why you and your loved one should consider assisted living arrangements.

Getting Assistance with Daily Activities

Assisted living facilities have nurses and caregivers standing by to help with daily activities. Some seniors might find it harder to do the things they used to do effortlessly, such as buttoning their clothes, going for walks or even taking a shower. The level of assistance provided can also be adjusted as a loved one ages and the good news is that assisted living facilities are always open to making arrangements for increased levels of care.

Assistance with Medication

As we age, we tend to develop some health issues and conditions that require long-term medication. Because of the length of these treatments, it is easy to forget to take medications or to be confused about the medications we need to be taking and when we should be doing it.

Assisted living facilities have caregivers standing by to offer health-related assistance – usually medication management and reminders. They can also help respond to medical emergencies, get a physician on the phone and even drive seniors to healthcare facilities should they require additional care.

Socialization and Reduced Social Isolation

Isolation, loneliness and depression are quite common in seniors, especially those who no longer have access to a community, group of friends or opportunities for socialization. Assisted living facilities provide lots of opportunities for socialization, whether it be meeting other residents for dinner or gathering in the social hall to play some card games.

To help reduce feelings of isolation, Chesterfield assisted living facilities like McKnight Place encourage active living by providing amenities like exercise and fitness areas and salons so seniors can have regular interactions with people inside and outside the facility. The availability of staff round the clock also helps seniors know they have someone they can call on in case of anything and this goes a long way in helping them know they are not alone.

Safety and Security

Safety and security have become a concern for many people, considering the fact that seniors are often targeted by burglars and other malicious actors. Assisted living facilities take security very seriously and help keep seniors safe. In addition to physical security and providing security personnel, these facilities are also designed in ways to keep seniors safe. These include designing the facilities to help reduce the risk of falls, providing ramps for ease of navigation, and ensuring the facility has no hazards at all.

The conversation about transitioning to an assisted living facility can be very hard to have, but it is necessary, especially with seniors who require increasing levels of care, or specialized care. The benefits of making the transition discussed above should make it easier to get the conversation going.