Choosing Nursing as a Second Career


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When you embark on your first career, you never imagine or even set out to change your career at any point. Yes, you wanted to progress and take things as far as you could, but you never entered your first career, expecting it to be a stepping stone for your next move. Having a second career gives you the chance and the opportunity to try something new, and to perhaps fulfill a hidden desire, or passion. Choosing nursing as a second career provides you with potential, and with options and choices. Becoming a registered nurse or getting into the nursing field is ideal as a second career as you have many qualities and experiences that you will have gained from your first career that can now be incorporated into any new role you undertake.

Why You Should Get Into Nursing and Healthcare

If you feel that you can give time, patience and support to those who need it the most, then nursing may be the right field for you to join. Healthcare and nursing is an industry that is growing, and is one that is always reaching out to find new nurses and candidates who can help shape its future. Within nursing and healthcare, there are additional opportunities for growth and for development, and you may find that these can be a highly motivating factor in your decision.

Caring and Nurturing Nature with the Ability to Help Others

If you are thinking about getting into nursing, but you are not totally sure that it is right for you, then why not take a step back and look at what you could offer and bring to the role. For example, if you have a nurturing and caring nature, together with the ability to help others, then nursing and healthcare could be your calling. How you deal with people around you and how you handle situations can help you truly establish where your second career lies.

Your Second Career Is a Calling

When you have decided to change careers, it is important that you act quickly and do not hesitate. A lot of programs and courses only run at certain points throughout the year. If you miss joining a program at the correct time, then you could delay getting started, and as a result of this setback, you could feel less than positive about the new path, or journey you are about to embark on. Taking action sooner rather than later will ensure that you follow your second career path, as soon as possible.

Studying for a Bachelors in Nursing

To become a nurse you will have to return to education, and, to studying. When it comes to finding the right courses and programs, you may find that looking for online BSN programs for non nurses may be the best place to start your search. Not all courses or programs are created equal, and you should keep this in mind. Getting the right qualifications, and from the right provider, is intrinsic to your success as a nurse. Taking your time to find the right bachelors, and being knowledgeable about providers and program content will ensure that you make the right choice.

Retraining and Qualifying in Under Two Years

One thing that may have originally put you off becoming a nurse is the dreaded thought of returning to education. Having to deal with more years at college, while potentially balancing home, life and work, is a combination that might not appeal to you. However, with some online nursing programs, you will soon see that you can train, qualify, and begin working as a nurse in under two years. Retraining and qualifying as a nurse has never been so attainable, and because it is highly attainable, especially with a previous degree, it is an opportunity that you do not want to pass on.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Nurse?

There are many characteristics that make up a good nurse, and one of these is attention to detail. A good nurse can spot errors, room for improvement, or even changes within a patient’s condition, or level of care. A good nurse is an individual that can work well with others to ensure that all patients receive a high level of care at all times, even if they are not on duty. There is of course, no such thing as a perfect nurse, but there are good nurses that try their best, and give 100% to their job, and this is what you should be looking to achieve.

Increased Career and Job Satisfaction

Helping people, seeing their health improve, or just seeing how family and friends are when they see their loved ones again, makes nursing a worthwhile occupation. There are not many industries or careers that offer the same level of job satisfaction or career satisfaction, as nursing does. If you want to get a high level of satisfaction at the end of each shift, then nursing is the right path for you to follow. Yes, there will be times when shifts seem never ending, and yes, there will be days when you feel like you haven’t helped, or even helped a patient as much as you could have done. However, even through these rough times, you will still get job satisfaction, as the role is so diverse and different, from day to day, that you never know what the next shift will hold.

Seeking Out Your First Nursing Job

When the time comes to seek out your first nursing job, it is vital that you improve and update your resume to reflect your new qualifications, together with any relevant experience gained along the way. An out-of-date resume, or even a resume that is lacking sufficient knowledge for the role will get overlooked. Getting the nursing job, or position that you desire may not be easy, but the time spent on improving and enhancing your resume will most definitely be time well spent, especially when you land your first nursing job.