What is concealed carry jacket


Carrying your weapon on your person in the cold months of winter is considerably easier than in the spring and summer months. Concealment tank tops, t-shirts, sports bras and shorts make it easy to carry your weapon when it is warm. However, wearing concealment under layers on when it is already hot and muggy out makes for an uncomfortable day. In most winter climates, you are already wearing a coat or jacket as you go about your day. Concealment outerwear makes it easy to stow your weapon comfortably and safely.

Men have a variety of concealed carry jacket options for each season. In the spring and fall months, men can choose from just about any kind of jacket. Denim concealment jackets look like your favorite casual go-to outerwear piece, but they feature multiple interior pockets for magazine clips, your gun, a cell phone and a wallet. Tactical concealment vests are great if you are going to be hunting or off-grid for a few days. With a plethora of pockets, offering zippers and locks with keys, you can keep everything from multiple weapons to clips, knives, matches, lighters and other important camping and hunting essentials on your person. Concealment bomber jackets and vests are nice lightweight and casual choices for spring and fall. Dressier coats, like parkas and city-style coats, are ideal for corporate work environments in the dead of winter.

Women have a variety of stylized concealment outerwear options as well. Many of the outerwear options for women will feature stylish details like quilting, faux-fur trim, tassels, satin trim and exposed zippers. Most of the outerwear options for women will contain at least one pocket for a weapon. Additional pockets will hold a magazine clip, a wallet, a cell phone, keys and a couple other small essentials. Many of the vests and coats have interior lock and key entry, while others simply have reinforced zippers for entry.

One lightweight outerwear piece for spring and fall and one heavier one for the cold days of winter will carry you through the three chilliest seasons. You will also enjoy the peace of mind of having your weapon close at hand.