Fights at Rialto school campus exaggerated by social media rumors

Social Media

Fights and a fire alarm were just some of the disruptions of student learning Friday at Carter High School.

Students posted details on social media about fights, security being beaten-up by mobs of kids and tales of stolen police cars.

School officials said Friday those posts were extremely exaggerated.

“There were some incidents on campus today (Friday),” Rialto Unified School District spokeswoman Syeda Jafri said. “Some fights and a fire alarm was pulled causing disruptions to classes.”

But no police car was stolen.

“Some students may think it was funny, I can clearly express that the district and law enforcement did not,” Jafri said.

There’s a video on social media showing an officer running to another incident but it looks like he’s running after a moving police car, Jafri added, saying the social media posts by students were irresponsible and misleading.

An interoffice memo to teachers and staff at the high school asked for voluntary extra supervision during passing-periods and after school ended for the day.

“We had multiple incidents that took place during second lunch including 415s (student fights) and the pulling of the fire alarm,” the memo stated. “Your assistance with supervision and vigilance is greatly appreciated.”

Administrators said they’re investigating the incidents and disciplinary actions will be taken.

School officials wouldn’t commit to saying if they were considering banning cellular phones and social media devices on campuses as a result of Friday’s incidents.

[Source:-The press Enterprise]