Fox Sports investigating incident allegedly involving Coyotes broadcaster


Fox Sports Arizona is looking into an incident that allegedly involved Arizona Coyotes broadcaster Todd Walsh, according to Deadspin.

A Facebook account associated with the name Krys Poleon explained an encounter with a man after Poleon’s car allegedly clipped his side mirror. The interaction became vulgar and racially charged, according to the Facebook post.

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(Note: Some of the language from the post has been edited.)

Got into a car “accident”… if you want to call it that. [Face with tears of joy emoji]

My passenger side mirror barely clipped another guy’s mirror. I parked right behind him and got out to ask if i damaged his window. He first looked at me for a few minutes, then got out of his car. He asked me what I needed bc he was on the phone. I explained I was sorry and that I was parallel parking and that I clipped his mirror. He goes to his mirror and continues:

Wtf did you do? Maybe you shouldn’t be driving? People like you are ridiculous. I just got into an accident with someone like you who drove off, so I’m calling the cops.

(Someone like me? Yeah you know what he meant…) [Face with rolling eyes emoji]

Me: fair enough, I will get my insurance info. He then precedes to block me from getting to my truck and begins to chest bump me and tell me I need to learn how to drive. (Obviously this dou&h* was having a bad day.) But thennnnnn, he needed to make sure he got what was off his chest, and I was the perfect target…

You fu*k#ng [email protected], you look like a dude, sir, sir, sir. You can’t drive bc you’re a women, much less a black one. You are disgusting honey. We know people like you can’t drive… get a fu*ki#g life. Blahhh blahhh blahhhhhh.

Here I am being blocked from my own vehicle while this man feels compelled to now make contact with me over the bumper of a rear mirror. He threatened to call the cops and held his neck in pain. [Face with rolling eyes emoji, left pointing emoji, flushed face emoji]

I then let him know I’m already on the line with 911, and As the operator picks up, he yells more fabulous things to me, (I’ll leave the rest to your imagination), but it wasn’t pretty. I talked to the operator and he then leaves the scene of the incident racing down the street.

Hmmmm… but as you know I’m petty mayonnaise and the one thing that stuck to me was the fact that he had to get racial and misogynistic.


What does the color of my skin, or my gender have to do with the fact that I accidentally hit your driver side window?

Accidents happen, but you obviously have an issue that deeper than no damage on your driver side side…

He had a badge on but not sure what it said. Here’s the pic I got of him after he decided to get aggressive.

Share the hell out of this racist asshole. I will be making sure his employer hears of this… [OK hand sign emoji]

The Facebook account published a photo of the man in the incident.

Photo from Facebook page associated with the name Krys Poleon

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Photo from Facebook page associated with the name Krys Poleon

Fox Sports Arizona released a statement saying it “has become aware of an incident involving Todd Walsh, we are investigating and will take appropriate action once we’ve concluded that investigation. Our policy is not to comment on personnel matters, so we do not have any further comments at this time.”

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Walsh started working Coyotes broadcasts in 1996. He is the pre-game host and postgame host for Fox Sports Arizona’s coverage of the Coyotes and Arizona Diamondbacks. Walsh did not broadcast the Coyotes’ Thursday night game against the Los Angeles Kings and his Twitter page is currently set to private.