Huntsville’s newest store aims to spread creativity through clothes, music


Faded Decade, a new store in HuntsvilleFaded Decade, a new store in Huntsville

For vinyl record lovers, vintage clothes wearers and all-around style-savvy people of Huntsville, Faded Decade is here to help keep everyone looking fresh-dressed and their music collections on point.

Located at 1213 University Ave. on the downtown square, Huntsville’s newest store will be celebrating its grand opening today from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., followed by an after-party at 10 p.m.

Originally started in 2014 as an online clothing store by longtime friends Jerome Trout and Dedrick Linton, the store aims to spread creativity around town through music, clothes, film and more.

“It’s a collective of music and clothes and we try to bring the whole thing together. It’s us spreading our culture and our message behind everything as a collective,” Linton said. “I’m an artist myself. I make music and (Jerome) makes all the clothes and we keep up with that vibe with everything we produce.”

Trout added, “It’s all about spreading creativity and trying to help creative people do what they need to do. It’s about keeping the creative vibe going.”

The store features the Faded Decade brand, which includes one-of-a-kind merchandise such as shirts, sweaters, beanies, stickers, patches, women’s accessories and more. It also offers a unique collection of vintage garb and a variety of used vinyl records to browse through.

Trout says the store may soon look into buying, selling and trading records, as well as selling new vinyl from today’s music artists.

“We’re trying to market to everyone. That way, anyone can come in and find something that we like. That’s why we have the vintage clothes and records. We want to take requests from people on what they would like to see, so it is fit to the community,” Trout said. “It doesn’t matter what age you are because music is music and you’ll find something you like.”

What truly makes the store stand out from others is that it offers a range of services to the community, outside of selling clothing and music. 

Sticking to their message of spreading creativity, Faded Decade provides a platform for others to express their creativity, including a vocal recording studio, phone repair, screen printing, graphic design and film services. The owners also plan on bringing in more underground clothing brands to sell in their store.

“We want to bring in a new clothing line and throw an event here to promote it,” Trout said. “We’re trying to be kind of event-focused to bring people down here.”

Both Trout and Linton appreciate the support they’ve gotten from around the community. They say the store was made possible through continuous hard work and constantly driving one another to be successful.

“It’s amazing. We come in here every day and it’s just crazy, everything happened so fast,” Trout said. “We’re really just blessed beyond belief with everything going on here, it fell in line for itself.”

Linton added, “We’re super driven. We constantly motivate each other and push each other to stay focused.”

Customers who make it out to Faded Decade’s grand opening today may pick up a copy of Linton’s newest mixtape “Gustavo.”

Faded Decade is open Monday through Friday from noon to 7 p.m. Stay up to date with upcoming events.