LG Develops Flexible Textile Pressure Sensors


LG Develops Flexible Textile Pressure Sensors


  • LG Innotek’s developed new pressure sensors that are flexible
  • Sensors detect pressure at whole exterior instead of specific points
  • New pressure sensors work across temperature range

LG’s subsidiary LG Innotek has developed a textile pressure sensor that is flexible, and could find its use in industries like healthcare and manufacturing according to the company. The company is yet to commercialise the technology but said that the sensor is superior to the present inflexible and stiff pressure sensors.

The South Korean consumer electronics giant says that its new pressure sensor is made from a flexible and elastic polyurethane material that enables it to be integrated into other products seamlessly. Further, LG has said that its new sensor detects pressure across the whole of its exterior rather than just specific points.

The company says that apart from being flexible, the new sensors are durable as well and are able to work from temperatures as low as 40-degrees Celsius below zero to 80-degrees Celsius above zero for more than 240 hours at a time. According to the company, its new pressure sensors can withstand a person (weighing 70 kilograms) sitting on it 100,000 times.

The sensors can be used to make pressure-sensitive shoes or carpets to detect a patient’s movement or to make pressure-sensitive golf club to improve a golfer’s grip.

They can be used in cars to detect driver’s posture, body type, weight, and automatically adjusting the seat or pressure of an airbag.

The company has not given a timeline for the availability of the sensors for commercial use but the sensors are not expected to be seen in any products for a couple of years.

[Source  NDTV]