Life Insurance for Your Horse: Here’s What You Need to Know


It’s important to consider how you’re going to protect any horses that you own. Just as you would be able to have life insurance for you and your family members, you can have horse mortality insurance for your horses.

Health Assessment
Similar to that of life insurance for humans, horses would need to go through a health assessment. If their health is good, you will be able to get a policy. The age and health of the horse will determine the cost of the premium. As such, it’s always going to be best if you get the policy while the horse is in its best health.

You can choose from full mortality and theft policies as well as limited mortality ones. much of it depends on their health. For example, if your horse doesn’t qualify for full mortality and theft, it’s possible to seek the limited option. While it won’t provide as much coverage, it will still take care of your horse in the event of various forms of death.

Cause of Death
You never know how your horse is going to die. Since they live outside, you have to expect that they will be exposed to more possibilities. A policy could provide coverage in the event of the death being caused by a natural disaster, loading and unloading accidents, culvert and bridge collapses, and more.

You may also be able to get riders to provide coverage in various other instances, such as an accidental shooting or an animal attack. What you get will depend on where you live and what is around you that could be problematic for your horse.

Working with an insurance company will allow you to protect your horse in the event that something happens. It also allows you to protect your equestrian investment.