Los Angeles fans take advantage of unprecedented sports ‘equinox’ with 5 games in 1 city


It wasn’t entirely obvious, but sports history was made in Los Angeles on Sunday.

No team or no player did anything special on the field, they just played. The Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, the Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Galaxy at the Stubhub Center, the Kings at the Staples Center and the Clippers … also at the Staples Center.

Five games on the same day in a single city (six, if you count the Anaheim Dunks playing at the Honda Center in Anaheim). And believe it or not, two fans reportedly braved the traffic congestion and attend all five games.

Los Angeles fans attend 5 sports in single day

The two fans to achieve the feat never before seen in sports are Doane Liu and Branimir Kvartuc, who the Orange County Register caught up with as the Dodgers’ season came to a close with a loss at Game 5 of the World Series against the Boston Red Sox.

In the span of 24 hours, Liu and Kvartuc reportedly saw the Kings beat the New York Rangers, the Galaxy lose to the Houston Dynamo, the Rams beat the Green Bay Packers, the Dodgers’ loss and the Clippers beat the Washington Wizards. Obviously, they weren’t able to see every minute of every game.

Per the Register, the pair claimed the whole trip cost $700 a piece, with half at that going toward the World Series ticket. Transport included multiple Ubers, a subway trip and even a scooter ride to avoid the Coliseum traffic.

How rare is a sports ‘equinox’?

The way FiveThirtyEight lays it out, a “sports equinox” is a day in which all four major North American sports leagues play on the same day. Not in the same city, just any team from each league playing on the same day.

The equinox has reportedly happened 20 times in history, with six happening in the last four years. The reason they’re so rare is the simple principles of each league’s scheduling: the equinox has to happen on a Sunday, Monday or Thursday for the NFL, early enough for the start of NBA season and late enough for the MLB playoffs.

A super sports equinox, in which a city has teams from all four leagues play on the same day, has only happened once before, with Phoenix on Nov. 4, 2001 per FiveThirtyEight. However, the Coyotes were on the road that day, so Los Angeles’ day of teams from four leagues, or five, or six, is truly unprecedented.