How To Make The Most Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media


Social media helps grow your business because it’s a super efficient way to bring potential customers in at the top of your marketing funnel, and it’s also a great way to keep them engaged, and keep your brand top of mind.

Start by doing the basics well. Build a strong foundation by showing up and really engaging with your followers. In the early days of PicMonkey, when we were building our brand and product, we developed one-on-one relationships with our users. Many of those users are still with us—some have also grown and become major brand influencers who continue to promote and share our product with their own dedicated fans.

You don’t need to maintain a social presence on every platform. Choose the ones that speak to and represent your brand the best. If you make beautiful handcrafted jewelry for example, Instagram is a great place to engage and interact with your followers and customers. If you’re a law firm, your brand will probably play best on Linkedin. Take the time to understand who you’ll find on each platform and what kinds of topics play well.

Post early, post often, and keep posting. The algorithms of most social media platforms really favor accounts that are posting regularly, and your content is most likely to be seen in followers’ feeds when you do so. At PicMonkey, we maintain our editorial calendar with Asana, which also helps organize all the tasks leading up to posting something—creating images, creating articles, videos, etc. Then we use Buffer to schedule the posts that can be automatically posted.