Medical Marijuana Uses


Now that many places in the United States are relaxing laws regarding the use of marijuana, researchers are turning toward the drug to explore its medicinal uses. There are many ways that it can be used by patients, such as smoking it, eating it or applying it topically. The different methods have different effects on people. As inhaling it works much more quickly than eating it.

1. Pain Relief

There are many claims that support the pain-relieving effects of cannabis. People who have suffered from chronic back pain or spasticity, which is stiff or tight muscles, claim that their symptoms are drastically relieved when using medical marijuana products. Research is ongoing in other applications but seem promising. If they prefer instant relief they can use smoking accessories to assist.

2. Nausea Reduction

So far, the FDA has approved medications to treat nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy treatments. The harsh drugs often cause cancer patients undergoing treatments to be ill quite often. The use of medical marijuana eases the suffering of patients and allows them to live with slightly less stress during a difficult time.

3. Appetite Stimulation

Another benefit that cancer patients receive from the use of medical marijuana during chemotherapy treatments is appetite stimulation. Drugs used in the treatment process can cause nausea and loss of appetite, resulting in drastic weight loss. Patients who cannot or will not eat enough are often provided with a feed tube. Between the nausea fighting effects and the appetite stimulants, patients do not have to fear losing as much weight during the treatment process and potentially risking other complications.

Since it has been legalized only recently, studies on the effects and side effects of smoking, eating or topically applying cannabis will probably last for decades. As more patients become open to using it as a medicine, more results will be available for study.