Meet 5 Fabulous Women Leading The Way In Social Media Analytics

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Some days you think you’ve got your schedule under control, and then find out you haven’t.

One of the challenges attending several conferences each year is figuring out how to learn as much as possible from the event while not totally everyday work obligations in the process. Some people like to keep their phones and computers out and juggle email and other tasks even while the speakers are presenting, but that’s not my thing. I put away the electronics, focus on the talks and take notes on paper. I learn a lot, but often I’m rushed to get a little ordinary work done during breaks.

This week I’ve been at Innovation Enterprise’s Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation 2016 conference here in Chicago. The speakers have been great, I didn’t want to miss any of the talks, so I’ve been working like mad during breaks to meet deadlines.

I thought I was pretty smart when I skipped the morning break and awards ceremony to finish a little project that was due today. And I made sure to avoid distraction by staying away from my email. The project was completed on time until I discovered that they gave me an award at the ceremony I missed. Oops.

So, thanks, Innovation Enterprise, for naming me your 2016 Woman in Analytics. And I’m very sorry I wasn’t there to hear you announce it.

One of the reasons I was singled out for this is my effort to promote women in the analytics industry by profiling accomplished female analytics experts so that conference organizers, journalists and others will have no excuse not to include women on conference agendas or any place where expert analytics talent is showcased.

Let me take this occasion to introduce you to five such experts, each of them a speaker from Innovation Enterprise’s Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation 2016.