Mumbai University to start assessing answer booklets tomorrow, sets a target of 1.50 lakh a day


Mumbai University

Four weeks after examinations concluded, University of Mumbai officials said they aim to start assessing the 22 lakh answer booklets by tomorrow. About 50 scanners have been bought and are ready to use at the examination house at MU’s Kalina campus. As many as 250 employees have been deployed only for the scanning process. Officials have promised to scan 1.50 lakh answer sheets daily.

“We cannot waste any more time training teachers or waiting for the staff to finish scanning all answer booklets before they start assessing them. We will scan and assess papers simultaneously. Experts will aid teachers at each assessment centre,” said an MU official.

After extending the tender process for six weeks, MU finally chose agency Merit Trac to assess papers digitally. While the scanners are in place, the promised CCTV surveillance and biometric access plans are still on paper. MU officials said these features will be installed soon.

According to the manual assessment system, assessment of papers should begin within three days after the exam is conducted. Results must be announced within 45 days.

This year, exams were conducted in the last week of March, but the delay in the assessment process has led students to believe that results will be announced late. Principals fear that results may not be announced till July, especially for faculties with a large number of students, such as BCom, BSc and BA.