New sports policy by next month, says SAAP chief


VIJAYAWADA: The new sports policy of Andhra Pradesh will be released in a month’s time.

The policy, which was aimed at giving a thrust to sports in the rural areas, would promote the concept of ‘Heath is wealth’ through sports and games, SAAP Managing Director Bangaru Raju said here on Wednesday.

He said that 1,200 acres was allotted by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu in the new capital city, Amaravati, for the development of sports infrastructure.

“In the master plan, there is also a provision for a sports school such as the National Institute of Sports at Patiala,” he added,

He said that the primary aim of the Chief Minister was to increase the happiness index among citizens and the important tool chosen to achieve the goal was sports and games.

“Sports and games increase physical activities among youngsters and in the modern world where gadgets are ruling the roost, physical activities among children are taking a back seat,” he added.

[Source:-THE HINDU]