NEWS Trump administration already using ‘extreme vetting’ on visitors’ social media

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Trump administration already using ‘extreme vetting’ on visitors’ social mediaStory image for Social Media from New York Post


President Trump’s travel ban may be on hold, but his administration is conducting “extreme vetting” before allowing some visitors into the United States.

Starting on May 25, the State Department began red-flagging certain visa applicants when they applied from overseas, requiring them to supply their social media history for signs of radicalization or terrorist connections.

The stepped-up measures affect less than one percent of visa applicants — but that’s still up to 130,000 people worldwide.

They’re being asked to turn over their user names on social media platforms from the past five years as well as their past phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

State Department reviewers are also interested in past domestic partners, a detailed 15-year travel and employment history and family members’ names and dates of births.

“We are EXTREME VETTING people coming into the U.S. in order to help keep our country safe,” President Trump tweeted Monday, while fuming his travel ban has been delayed.