Now, a gadget to measure Lucknow’s water table


LUCKNOW: Groundwater management in Lucknow is turning hi-tech. Digital water level recorders have been installed to measure the rise and fall in the water table on an hourly basis in the city for better management of groundwater. Lucknow’s groundwater depletion is alarming with the water table receding by 1.5 metre to 2 metre every year. The state capital is losing six lakh litres of groundwater reserves daily because of indiscriminate extraction.
Digital water level recorders (DWLR) would record the actual fluctuation in the water table every hour at the three locations where they’ve been set up at present. Digital recorders have been put at Indira Bhawan, Bapu Bhawan and LBS Bhawan. “We have started getting the data for two of the locations already,” said a source in the UP groundwater department. So far, the groundwater level was being monitored manually every year by boring pipes and dropping measuring tapes between May-June for pre-monsoon period and between September-October for the post-monsoon period.
DWLRs have now replaced the measuring tapes. Each recorder has a SIM and the details can be accessed by providing the password. The level of the groundwater at the remaining 62 locations of the city where monitoring stations have been set would be shown on the computer screen at any given hour as soon as all the locations get the device.
“Ensuring safety of the equipment is the biggest concern for us. We need to find secured premises to set up the devices,” said a source.

[Source:-Times Of India]