Ravi Shastri Slams Sourav Ganguly, Says He Should Respect His Job



  • 1Ravi Shastri has a successful stint as Team India director for 18 months
  • 2Shastri was among 57 applicants for the coach’s job
  • 3Kumble, a late entrant, was picked by the BCCI’s advisory committee


A “disappointed” former Team Director Ravi Shastri hit out at Sourav Ganguly saying he was “disrespectful” of the candidate he was interviewing and the job of selecting the coach he was entrusted with.

Attacking Ganguly for absenting himself when his turn for interviewing came last week, Shastri said Ganguly should get counselled as he should attend such a meeting when next time someone is being interviewed for such a post.

“Not miffed at all. I am just disappointed. Nothing surprises me in cricket. It’s nothing to do with Sourav, but I am disappointed because that person was disrespectful of the candidate who was going to be interviewed and disrespectful of the job he was entrusted to do,” he told India Today.

While complimenting the choice of Anil Kumble as the coach, Shastri said he was disappointed personally because he wanted to carry forward all the good work he had done in the last 18 months which had worked wonderfully well.

Asked what would be his advise to Ganguly, he said “next time be in the meeting when someone is being interviewed for such a top post”.

He parried a question whether there was not an issue of conflict of interest against Ganguly, who is the Cricket Association of Bengal President and member of the cricket Advisory Committee.

Again when he was asked about his disappointment, he said “I was disappointed five days ago (when the announcement was made) but it now looks two months.”


[Source  NDTV]