Sky Sports stalwart Gary Neville admits he would rather break the law than watch BT Sport


Gary Neville is a man who believes in loyalty.

Saw what you like about the former England right-back – he knows which side his bread is buttered on. He will love Man United until the day he dies. He will always enjoy winding up Liverpool fans. And he will never, ever have a bad word to say about Sky Sports.

As if to prove that point, Sky’s most admired pundit (sorry, Carra) is apparently prepared to risk the wrath of the law rather than pay money to his employer’s direct rivals.

With Neville tweeting his thoughts on Man United’s match at Watford, one eagle-eyed user wondered if this meant Mr Sky Sports was actually watching the game on BT Sport, like the rest of us:

eville could, of course, have simply ignored the question.

But he didn’t. Instead, he posted this response:

So, Neville would rather admit to illegally watching a Premier League match than pay for a BT Sport subscription.


We now have two questions.

Will Mr Neville now be getting a slap on the wrist over his dodgy streaming?

And does Jamie Carrgher show a similar level of devotion to the Sky Sports brand?