Sports quiz of the week: Paralympics, Champions League and strawberries


Dylan Alcott

Who said: ‘Over the past two years my work ethic has increased from 10% to 80%. I have really started working hard over the past two years’?
Which athlete confessed this week that he has never tasted coffee or eaten a strawberry?
Toby Alderweireld scored for Tottenham in the Champions League this week in his first appearance in the competition since he played in the final for which club?
With one week of fixtures left, three teams can still win the County Championship. Which of these sides is not in contention?
A new 9ft bronze statue of Alan Shearer has been unveiled outside St James’ Park. What is it called?
Weightlifter Tomasz Zielinski is to be given a bronze medal for the London 2012 Olympics after other athletes failed drugs tests. Which position did he finish at the Games?
What was remarkable about Cammy Bell’s performance in goal for Dundee United against Dunfermline on Saturday?
Who said: ‘I respect him, he is good, but not so strong’?
Gennady Golovkin has won all 36 of his professional fights. What percentage has he won by knockout (including TKO)?
Dylan Alcott won two golds in the Paralympic Games this week in which sports?
[Source:-The Guardian]