How Staying Connected Can Help Your Mental Wellbeing


Tips to improve your mental wellbeing

Striving to stay connected with friends and loved ones can be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor. It is one that has the potential to greatly nurture your mental wellbeing at a time when physical limitations start to take their toll. When feelings of isolation start to creep towards the surface, a healthy support network provides a pleasant reminder that loneliness can be overcome.

For many people, a weekly call or a video chat is the relief from the monotony of the coronavirus restrictions that they have been looking for. Here are some tips for those of you who wish to do the same, and why staying connected can be so helpful for your mental wellbeing.


It may often be the case that in times of great strife, one tends to readdress their core values. Many societies throughout human history have recognized the importance of family, and staying in touch in today’s climate is perhaps something that many people are returning to.

This may be especially true for the newly appointed remote workers of the world, as finding the right balance between work and home life can provide a good indicator as to what they might need for a happy and contented existence.

If you were curious about your heritage and identity, finding out about your family history can be a great way of forming new connections and discovering more about your journey through time.

Combatting Feelings of Isolation

Combatting isolation is one reason why utilizing online technology to reach out to friends and loved ones can be so important, as feeling safe in the knowledge you are cared for and that you remain on the mind of others can be a large part of a healthy mindset.

Feelings of isolation can undoubtedly lead to serious negative situations, such as depression and various other health conditions. This can be prevalent in older people, which is why making the time to stay in contact with your elderly relatives can make a positive difference to their mental wellbeing in general. Even if it is just one call a month, knowing that there is someone to reach out to can help alleviate a myriad of issues.

Human Contact

The loss of regular human contact for many people during the coronavirus pandemic can be a great source of discomfort, especially if loved ones live far away or might not be easy to contact because of time zones or difficulties with technology.

Luckily, there are applications such as Marco Polo that can help get around the timezone difference, or there is always the option to write a letter. A letter can be highly personal and perhaps most importantly in today’s climate, tangible.

Video calls and instant messaging can somewhat provide a simulation of the real human contact, so it is certainly worth taking the time to utilize their benefits.

A Fresh Perspective

Being left alone with only your thoughts and individual frame of reference can sometimes lead to feelings of hopelessness. Staying connected can help combat this, as a different outlook from another person can help you gain a fresh perspective, leading to a renewed sense of motivation.