How has stigma around mental health affected you?

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Theresa May said: ‘If you break your arm … people will come up and talk to you about it. If you have a mental health problem people are more likely to try to avoid you.’

Theresa May has spoken about the government’s plans to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness, with a focus on social efforts in workplaces and schools rather than extra money for services.

While laying out her vision for a “shared society”, the prime minister talked about improving the support available for people with mental health problems. She said: “Money is going into mental health, but it is always wrong for people to assume that the only answer to these issues is about funding.”

May is due to announce that Dennis Stevenson, a former HBOS chairman and a mental health campaigner, will lead a review alongside Paul Farmer, the chief executive of the mental health charity Mind. They will look at how people with mental health problems can be better supported in the workplace.

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We want to hear from you about mental health stigma. Have you experienced prejudice in the workplace or when you were at school or university? Were you stigmatised due to your condition by friends or family? What happened and how did it make you feel? Perhaps you were able to change people’s attitudes or behaviour and would have advice for others?

You can share your stories – anonymously if you wish – by using the form below. We’ll use some of them in our ongoing reporting.

[Source:-The Guardian]