‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Defends Clothing Boutique Forever Haute


“Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood came under fire after shoppers accused her of buying clothes for cheap and then marking them up on her online-based clothing boutique, Forever Haute. Portwood fired back, accusing her naysayers of lying.

“They don’t understand retail business and they don’t understand how boutiques work,” Portwood told Real Mr. Housewife Wednesday. “Nor do they understand how people steal photos of actual wholesalers and send you a product that isn’t even in the photo. It’s so hard for me to explain it to these people because they don’t get it.”

Portwood, 25, explained why some people might have seen pictures of her clothes on other sites for a less expensive price. “My clothes are quality and when you get them, you’re getting exactly what the picture looks like. I have all rights to the pictures. I have all of the rights to the clothes that I buy. People are saying they’ve seen this (my clothes) on other websites,” she said. “You might have ‘seen it,’ but you’re not getting the same product. There’s no way. You’re getting a knock off.”

But her clothing boutique isn’t her only problem. Portwood is apparently being sued over a house she had “professionally” cleaned. “Lord people never go on TV! Because people will try to take you for everything you have. Here comes the lawyers. So sad honestly…Ugh,” wrote in a Wednesday tweet.

Portwood didn’t let the supposed lawsuit ruin her whole day. “However I hope you all wake up a better way. And of course sending love aaand go to beforeverhaute.com lol,” she tweeted.