The Importance of Dressing for the Seasons


How to dress for the weather in every season - Active For Life

It is always important to be able to dress for the season, and that is why you should have a selective wardrobe with the perfect staple pieces for every season of the year. Whether you are dressing for the sunny months of summer or wrapping up to stay warm during those colder weeks, you need to make sure you have the basics down. Some examples of the basics are as follows:

  • Winter coat and a waterproof coat
  • Warm tights
  • Protective shoes
  • Clothes with good airflow aka blouses

A winter coat is more than likely the most important piece of clothing on that list because it keeps you safe. It can be dangerous when traversing outdoors during freezing temperatures while wearing inadequate clothing. Layers and a warm coat will do you the world of good during the winter seasons.

Dressing for Summer

Summer can be a tricky season to dress for, especially since the rainy season can coincide with these months. Do you dress for the heat, or dress for the rain? The best way to prepare for the sudden temperature drops or weather changes is to make sure you always pack a coat. It does not have to be a woolly winter coat, but at least a thick jacket like a hoodie or a windbreaker coat. For those summer days where rain is not on the forecast, opt for outfits that increase airflow to prevent overheating. Blouses and loose shirts are some of the most popular choices during the summer months because they are loose-fitted and allow the breeze to flow through and cool you down. Pants-wise, it is best to wear shorts, skirts, or something made from thin material, such as yoga pants. Clothing aside, remember to wear sunscreen when you go outside during the blistering heat.

Dressing for Winter

Winter is the season where it can be a pain to go outside. Nobody wants to have to deal with icy cold weather, freezing winds, the possibility of snow, and an abundance of rain. You may find that your winter wardrobe takes up a lot more space than your summer one, so make sure you invest in some sturdy hangers to store these clothes, like these from The best base for a winter outfit is to layer up as much as you can. It is important to note that you do not want to start overheating when you eventually get inside somewhere that has the heating on. Layer smartly, and put on a warm, thick coat to protect you from the chilly temperatures and drastic weather changes. Layering your clothes can be easy, so just make sure that you have a good selection of undershirts such as long sleeves that can be put under any t-shirt.

Safety is Key

You do not need to sacrifice your style when it comes to dressing for the weather. There is a plethora of stylish options out there no matter the season, but your health and wellbeing are paramount. Do not put your health at risk for the sake of an outfit, so make sure you have options that match your style and are suitable for a range of temperatures.