Top Games To Play At A Teen’s Party


If you have been tasked to plan a party for some teenagers, you are fully aware of how difficult it can sometimes be to please them. Aside from making sure their growing bodies have plenty of food, drinks and sweets, you will need to find some games and activities to keep them entertained during the party. Below are some great recommendations for games to use at a teenager’s party.


If you plan to have some outdoor games for the teens to play, a great option would be a corntoss game. It can be an addictive and fun game that fosters some friendly competition among friends. It will also help to keep them active and out of the house the whole time. If you want a unique corntoss game, look at the options of games with various cornhole wraps online from reputable retailers such as

Musical Chairs

While most people think this game is geared more towards a younger crowd, teenagers can play this game and have just as much fun. To play, create a playlist on your phone or a tablet to play during the game. Have one person be the one in charge of stopping the music every so often. Each round that the music stops, everyone must try to find an empty chair to sit in. Those that do not are out of the game. The last person to sit in the last chair left will be the winner.


Twister is a classic game that can be enjoyed by teenagers and those of all age groups. This game can be found at just about any store and online. If anything, the kids will be able to laugh at each other for trying to hold themselves in weird and uncomfortable positions with their peers.

Planning a teenager’s party doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. If you run out of ideas, the best person to ask is the teen you are throwing the party for. They might have a long list of ideas that you could work around.