Top Reasons to Go Into Digital Journalism Right Now


Top Reasons to Go Into Digital Journalism Right Now

If you are thinking about going back into education to train to become a digital journalist, now might be the right time to do so. There are many reasons why digital journalism has become a popular option for both young and mature students across the country. As such, if you are curious about what a career in digital journalism could do for you and why you should decide on the career path in question in 2022, read on for more information about its merits.

Many Online Courses Available

One of the major reasons why digital journalism should be at the top of your list when it comes to potential careers is that it is now more accessible than ever before. This is because, instead of having to move across the country or the world to enjoy the art of digital journalism, you can now settle in to study for a degree in digital journalism from the comfort of your own home office. As such, instead of worrying about how starting a career in digital journalism must uproot your life, you should look at the options that are available to you in the form of an online course. For instance, if you have already obtained a bachelor’s degree, you might consider looking at the digital journalism master’s that is offered by St. Bonaventure University. If you are interested in this qualification, click here to find out more about their online digital journalism masters program and the opportunities that it can offer you.

Keep Up With Changing Industry

You might have dreamed of becoming a journalist from a young age. However, when you were much younger, you might have seen yourself stooped over printers and distributing newspapers when you thought about your dream career. However, now, journalism, like most industries and careers, is changing. Instead of relying on print media, newspapers and magazines have now started to transition toward creating online-only media to be consumed by the screen-addicted population. Not only is digital media better for the environment, but it is also cheaper to produce and makes use of the new technologies as they are developed and produced. As such, to ensure that you can keep your career and knowledge in line with the modern world, taking a degree in digital journalism or learning more about it is the way to go.

Wider Opportunities for Journalists

Although you might be grieving the smell of ink and the smudged fingers that you got after reading a newspaper, digital journalism can produce a much wider variety of opportunities for journalists. This is because you do not have to struggle to submit your articles or get a job with a few elite journals. Instead, the advent of digital media has allowed a great variety of blogs and online magazines to appear, and so there are many more places where you might be able to get your work printed. Not only this, but as a journalist, you do not even have to wait for anyone to say your work is good enough, and you can create your own blog, website or publication that can allow you to get your work out there and noticed. You might even be able to harness social media to ensure that your name becomes known within the writing world and wider digital community.

Digital Journalists are In Demand

Although journalism itself is sometimes a profession that leads to a lack of job security and financial instability, the profession itself is set to grow at the same rate as other careers. Journalism can be an extremely competitive industry to get into, and you may find yourself up against multiple people for the same role. However, while journalism is competitive, those with skills and talent in digital journalism are now in demand as the industry transitions between print and digital media. As such, if you have skills such as IT literacy and an aptitude for using social media, you might be in more demand than journalists who have been unable to keep up with the times and the world that they are writing in. You should highlight the skills that you have that are relevant to digital journalism at the top of your resume when applying for journalism jobs.

Report on Key Events

The world is incredibly turbulent at the moment, and, from climate change to politics, there are several important key events that need to be reported on by journalists. Reporting on key events can make you feel as if you are making a difference and sharing knowledge and information with the wider world, and this can help to change the way that individuals view certain events. As such, journalism is incredibly important in current times, and this means that you should consider taking a digital journalism degree so that you can play your part and write engaging and interesting stories about what is happening in the world, as well as your occasional opinion on them.

Get to Write Everyday

Often, journalists will have an innate passion for writing, and they may feel frustrated and crotchety if they are unable to write for long stretches of time. As such, rather than having a job that prevents you from writing and that feels like a barrier to the activity that you truly want to do, you should take on a role in journalism. This will then give you the opportunity to write every day, and one of the best elements of journalism is that every day will be different. One day you might be reporting on an election, and the next, you might be looking into the state of retail in the USA. By getting to write every day, those who are passionate about writing will often feel more content. You will also constantly be able to get the practice that you need to hone your skills and develop your writing style. As such, if you love writing, journalism will not feel like a job at all.


One of the greatest advantages of becoming a digital journalist, though, is the fact that it gives you flexibility. Many journalists are freelance and only take on as much work as they need or want to. Not only this, but you are unlikely to need to constantly work in an office. This means that you can fit your role as a digital journalist around other commitments, such as your family or hobbies. This can then allow you to have a better work-life balance while being able to perform a job that you are incredibly passionate about.

Opens Up Other Doors

Just because you have taken a digital journalism degree, this does not mean that you have to go into digital journalism at first, or that you have to remain in the field for the rest of your life. Instead, a degree in digital journalism will open up a large number of doors for you. For instance, you might decide to go into a different type of role that requires writing skill, such as that of a marketing copywriter or a translator. Not only this, but many jobs simply ask that you have a degree or a related degree to the job in question, rather than requiring you to have obtained a specific qualification. As such, you should not think that a commitment to taking a digital journalism degree will tie you to the profession for the rest of your life.

Many Different Role Options

There are also many different roles that you can choose from once you have taken a digital journalism degree. For instance, you might decide to opt for sports or political journalism or want to specialize in war or entertainment. Whether you want to simply become a journalist or work your way up to becoming a proof-reader, editor, or content manager, a digital journalism degree can help you to do this and can ensure that you have the background that you need to thrive in any of the roles that you have your sights set on. As such, you should not think that journalism is one specific role or that you must become a writer if you decide that you want to go into digital journalism.

Travel Wide

As a digital journalist, you would also have the opportunity to travel far and wide to report on different events, and so this can be an excellent career for someone who wants to see the world. Not only this, but you can perform your role as a digital journalist from anywhere in the country or the world, and this means that you do not have to be tied to a specific location. This can be an excellent lifestyle for those who love to live in different places and for those who are looking into becoming digital nomads. All you have to have is a laptop or another device on which you can type up and send off your articles and reports and a Wi-Fi connection that will allow you to contact others and put your written pieces online easily.