Travel gadget: Train Reaction luggage-stablizing device


Train Reaction's luggage stabilizing device links two roller board
suitcases together.
Photo credit: Mary Orlin/Bay Area News Group

The problem: Traveling with two roll-aboard bags means both your hands are full.

The gadget: Train Reaction’s luggage-stabilizing device links two rolling bags so you can pull them as a single unit and free up a hand. The thin, flexible plastic chain threads through each suitcase’s top handle.

Train Reaction's luggage stabilizing device. Photo credit: Mary Orlin/Bay Area News Group
Train Reaction’s luggage stabilizing device consists of a system of flexible plastic chains. (Mary Orlin/Bay Area News Group) 

In practice, we found the link both cumbersome and flimsy. We struggled to link our bags in the first place. Then the top bag kept slipping off, especially on turns. We gave up after a frustrating walk from baggage claim to the rental car counter. The instructions suggest coupling a larger suitcase on top of a smaller one, and perhaps that set-up provides more stability, but we always travel with two similarly-sized bags.

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[Source:-The Murcury News]