Trendy Brisbane clothing brand launches its range in the New Zealand market


SIZE doesn’t matter to Brisbane fashion house White Label Noba.

The trendy clothing brand, which caters to women of all sizes, announced it will be launching its range in the New Zealand market in 15 stores, the first major international move for the business.

After starting the business in 2011, founder and designer Tracey Watkins said she’s excited about the expansion after the business took off from her original vision.

“White Label Noba has proved to be a remarkable success in the local Australian market since launching in 2011, and with the addition of our online store, we are now thrilled to be able to share our lifestyle range with women internationally,” Ms Watkins said.

After finding it “difficult and frustrating” to find clothes that were both stylish and flattering for her “curvy” frame, she decided to start her own business to meet the gap in the fashion market.

“When my original vision to dress plus size women in beautiful clothing resonated with women – of all shapes and sizes – it became very clear to me that size doesn’t matter,” Ms Watkins said.

“How you feel when you wear a piece of beautiful clothing does and that’s the secret behind White Label Noba.”

Ms Watkins originally studied interior design and during her studies she modelled and worked for Maggie Tabberer, the founder of Australian brand Maggie T.

She said Ms Tabberer encouraged her to create clothes and shoes for all women, not just the “perfect 10s of the world’’.

[Source:-Courier Mail]