From TV to Social Media, This Beauty Influencer Has Taken the Path Less Traveled to Success

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From TV to Social Media, This Beauty Influencer Has Taken the Path Less Traveled to Success

Gone are the days when every aspiring celebrity would tirelessly waiting for their big break to appear on television. Time has changed. Social media is taking the lead. Hundreds of faces we recognize from fiction or reality shows are finding feat in blogging.

One of these indomitable beauties is Nitibha Kaul, the lady who started her journey to limelight with a popular reality program and is now successfully running her influencing platform. With over 719k followers on Instagram, is undoubtedly an inspiration for actors aspiring to become influencers.

The Transition from TV to Social Media

However, Kaul feels TV background brings a lot of responsibility because “A lot of people know who you are. The responsibility takes a toll on you,” she stated. Once passed the stage of feeling bogged down, she decided to start something of her own, create her own content to share with the audience.

Source: Entrepreneur India

“The medium of social media gave me the perfect platform to share my thoughts, opinions and ideas with my audience,” Kaul said. She has a smooth transition from TV to social media because of her love of beauty and makeup.

Many would argue that actors and artists coming from a broadcast background are inclined to blogging about fashion and beauty. Kaul argues, “On social media, you cannot pretend to be someone else. You have to be true to yourself and do things that interest you and can interest the audience as well.”

Integrating the Brand Right

Influencers are approached by hundreds of brands every day for promotions. Brand integration into their content is one of the prime sources of their income, turning away associations can become a huge loss for social media celebrities.

Source: Entrepreneur India

Regardless, some influencers prefer to not collaborate with brands that don’t relate to their content. Kaul however believes, “You don’t always have to say no to a brand just because they don’t promote the same kind of service or topic that you  are talking about.”

“You can still integrate it in a way that talks about your interest subject while promoting that brand in the periphery,” she stated. There are always innovative ways for incorporating the content with the brand’s needs but one has to be very smart about it.

Creating a Niche

With hundreds of influencers sharing the content on similar lines, the chances of getting lost in the crowd are higher than ever. “You need to stand out for being who you are but if you try to be someone else, the audience will see through it,” Kaul stated.

Source: Entrepreneur India

Users have gotten smarter over the years. It’s easy to differentiate between a façade and reality. Hence, being real is the key to becoming something on social media. “You also need to share the negatives, the downsides with the audience. Everyone has space. You just need to find your own space.”

Social media thrives on usability. Creating quick content that people can use and benefit from adds value to an influencer’s profile. “You just need to identify the topics that your audience is more receptive towards and create content on those topics more often than not.”