The 4 States with The Highest Number of Car Accidents Revealed


States With The Highest Number Of Fatal Car Accidents

According to NHTSA (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), over 6 million crashes occur on American roads each year.  This is a staggering number, and made even worse when you discover that over 12% of these crashes are fatal.  American drivers tend to take more risks on the roads compared to other Western nations, such as the UK and Canada.  However, there are some states that are much more accident prone than others.  Here we take a look at the four states with the highest number of car accidents.

1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts holds the top spot for car accidents in the whole of America.  Surprisingly, however, the rates of reckless driving, DUIs, and speeding are well below the national average.  It is commonly believed that the reason Massachusetts holds the top spot is due to the high concentration of traffic in the state.  Congestion is high and it’s not unheard of for even the calmest drivers to experience road rage.

2. Maine

The accident rate in Maine is almost 1.4 times the national average.  Unlike Massachusetts, however, Maine has a low population density, meaning that congestion is unlikely to be the cause of many of the car accidents experienced here.  The DUI rate in Maine is fifteen times higher than the average – this could be a sign of a social problem, but it could also be a sign of irresponsible driving caused by the lack of densely populated roads.  When drivers get used to driving recklessly, accidents occur.

3. Maryland

Maryland has a low rate of DUIs, speeding and reckless driving so yet again, congestion can be blamed for the high accident rate in the state.  Due to many residents commuting to Washington, DC on a daily basis, the amount of traffic on the roads in the state is high, especially during the week.  Add to this the high population density – the fifth highest in the country – and car accidents are to be expected.

4. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States and a popular vacation destination for many.  However, it has a high population density and combined with tourist traffic, this leads to it coming in fourth place on this list.  Congestion and overcrowding are common on Rhode Island roads, and many drivers find themselves in an accident that could not have been avoided.

Other States High on the List

Of course, accidents can happen anywhere, and the other states with high accident rates include New Hampshire, South Carolina, Ohio, Nebraska, Utah, Oregon and Georgia.  Those who have been involved in a car accident are highly recommended to seek professional legal advice from a firm such as Horst Shewmaker to ensure they receive the compensation and help they deserve.

What we can learn from the above list is that dangerous driving isn’t always the cause of accidents on the road.  Congestion and population density plays a large part, especially in some of the smaller states.