The Benefits of Senior Living for Individuals with Dementia


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Many senior living facilities offer as much independence as possible while catering for each individual and the level of care they require. There are many benefits of senior living for individuals with dementia, and here we take a look at a few.


The biggest and most obvious benefit of senior living for individuals with dementia is safety. Not only will they always have trained caregivers nearby, but the housing and communal spaces will be dementia friendly. Making your home dementia friendly can be a difficult task which includes installing handrails, taking away rugs and other fall hazards and adding locks to cupboards which contain cleaning substances or medications. Your loved one may not want their house changed and they may get upset with these changes. It can also be costly to add these safety measures. As dementia worsens, they will need more care and attention to prevent accidents or wandering.

Social Events

Those with dementia want to be treated the same as everyone else and don’t want to miss out on social events due to their condition. Those with dementia can often struggle with maintaining their sense of self. Having friends around support them and take their mind off their troubles is essential. On good days, having the option to attend outings, exercise classes or play games is vital to maintaining well-being. Many senior living facilities offer daily events and activities for their residents. Those living with dementia can feel lonely or isolated and having friends of their own age who understand what they are going through can make the world of difference.

Individualistic Care

Senior living facilities for those living with dementia will cater to each individual, while offering different treatments and practices to stimulate those brain cells. Doing activities such as puzzles is great for those with dementia, as not only do they provide a therapeutic distraction, they also exercise the memory and improve brain functions. As well as offering activities that will help with dementia, each individual will be treated accordingly, and their level of care will be tailored carefully depending on their preferences and needs. Finding a senior living facility with caregivers trained in dementia care will ensure the best level of care and understanding.

Exercise Opportunities

Exercise is of great benefit for those living with dementia. It has been shown to slow mental decline, improve sleep and memory, reduce feelings of sadness or isolation and reduce the risk of trips and falls as it improves balance and strength. Senior living offers many chances for exercise, such as swimming, yoga or senior exercise classes. Phoenix Senior Living have many senior living communities including The Bluffs at Greystone, which has its own indoor pool, fitness center, walking trials and landscaped gardens.

Senior living is a great choice for individuals living with dementia. Here they are safe and have many great amenities and events to attend. For those who want to keep their independence for as long as possible while always knowing there is a caregiver around if needed, senior living is the perfect choice.