When is it Time to Move an Elderly Relative into a Senior Living Facility?


When to Move from Independent Living to Assisted Living | US News

It is natural to be concerned for the health and well-being of an elderly parent, grandparent or other relative, especially if they are becoming more forgetful recently or have experienced some falls. As they get older, many people will struggle to cope with their living situation, and families need to make a tough decision on what will be the best move. Assisted living facilities are often the best choice for seniors since they offer support when needed while still allowing residents to be as independent as possible. Some reasons to consider suggesting a move to an assisted living facility include:

They are Struggling to Get Around

Mobility issues or being no longer able to drive can often leave seniors feeling lonely and isolated. The best part of living in an assisted living facility is that most essentials are right there on the doorstep and there are staff on hand to help with things like grocery shopping or visiting family. Your relative will not have to worry about going on long trips to get the essentials or worry about asking family or friends to help them with the basics.

They Struggle to Cope with Their Current Home

Many seniors will find themselves living in the home that they once raised a family in, sometimes as a couple and sometimes alone. Often, these houses aren’t designed for just one or two people and it can become increasingly difficult to manage for an older person who might be dealing with health problems or mobility issues as well. Assisted living facilities offer smaller apartments or houses that are the ideal size for singles or couples. Your relative will still have their own place and remain fairly independent, but it will be much more suitable for their current situation.

They Need More Professional Care

Many families would like to provide as much care as possible at home for a much-loved senior relative, but sadly, sometimes this is not always possible. Family members often have other commitments like jobs and children that can make it difficult to provide the type of care that their loved one requires. Some senior living facilities have professional caregiving and nursing staff on-site around the clock, providing you with peace of mind that your loved one is being looked after well. Discover senior living options that are suitable at the Discover Directory.

They are Becoming Isolated and Lonely

The older years of our lives are often when we are most susceptible to suffering from loneliness and depression. Many seniors are no longer able to enjoy the social lives that they once did or sometimes feel that they have to rely on others in order to be able to get out and socialize. At a senior living facility, the residents will live close by to each other and there are always activities that they can take part in throughout the week to make new friends and enjoy a fulfilling social life.

Senior living facilities are often the perfect option for families with a senior relative who is struggling with their current home situation.