5 Ways Millennials Can Use Social Media To Advance Their Careers

Social Media

One of the largest criticisms of the millennial generation is their obsession with social media and its resulting distraction in the workplace. However, if millennials are wise, they can leverage their aptitude on social media to advance their careers.

I recently heard from Russ Fradin, CEO and Cofounder of Dynamic Signal, a communication platform company, about the five ways millennials can use social media to get ahead in the workplace.

He focused on the idea that millennials have everything to gain and little to lose when it comes to social media engagement. In fact, social media usage can be far more vital in getting, keeping, and finding jobs than any other focus.

Millennials are uniquely positioned to be able to leverage social media for their benefit, more so than any other generation that has come before.

“Millennials are the first digital native generation, or the first to grow up with the Internet, and are very comfortable using social channels to interact, make connections, share information and chime in on online conversations,” shared Fradin. “They are open to trying and adopting new technologies, so as new social outlets come to market this demographic are likely to try them out. If they like it they’ll tell their friends and colleagues, which can lead to more ways to socialize online.”

According to Fradin, the five areas for millennials to focus on are building long-term relationships, creating professional accounts, setting up social listening alerts, posting meaningful content, and being consistent.Millennials have the unique opportunity to use their social media skills to advance their career (Credit: Pexels.com).

Focus On Building Long-Term Relationships

“Your actions shouldn’t be self-serving,” noted Fradin. “Don’t overtly promote yourself or ask for anything, like a meeting or a referral. Instead, provide value to your connections. Deliver the kind of content can help them be better at their jobs or solve business problems.”

While millennials ushered in the era of the selfie, they would be wise to find opportunities to make their social interactions all about their connections. Bringing something helpful to your connections can result in them remembering how valuable you were next time they need someone for a new project or job.

Create Professional Social Media Accounts

“If you haven’t done so already, join LinkedIn and Twitter, and connect to as many like-minded people as possible,” said Fradin. “Join industry groups, where you can get involved in discussions and share your opinions. The more you speak up, the more you’ll create the perception of yourself as a “thought leader”, which is integral in developing your brand.”

Bottom line here is to make yourself visible on the right channels, with the right people. When your presence and content is seen consistently by others, you develop the ability to leverage those connections and experience for career moves.