Are you all Geared for the Monsoon?


Are you all geared for the monsoon

The monsoon is the perfect weather to experience happiness. No other season helps us experience the freshness of a first shower and the refreshing fragrance of the wet Earth. The weather is just so apt for savouring and relishing the taste of many delicacies.

The feeling of letting ourselves free out in the pouring rain is just amazing and liberating. So, are you all geared up to kick start the monsoon season? Probably yes!

The monsoon is indeed a heavenly experience, but it does have its cons. These cons become hurdles if you aren’t prepared for them. Now are you all geared for the monsoon? Probably no! So, let’s get geared up.

Dress According to the Season: The wet season will have no mercy on your favourite attire. Make sure you’ve enough clothes to brave the harsh showers. Keep extra uniforms for school, and while you’re going out, it’s better to wear shorts or something which can help you stay dry. Also clothes take a lot of time to dry in this season. So, wear light clothes to avoid the mess of wet clothes. 

Make the Umbrella/Raincoat your Best Friend: Don’t forget to carry your umbrella or raincoat with you during the season. You can’t afford to drench in the rains every day as this may lead to many health problems. 

Waterproof Bags: The monsoon and your bags don’t share a good relation. You have to take care of your books. Make sure your bag is strong enough to brave the strong rains. Water on your books can damage all your notes. Take care of your books and other important belongings. 

Maintain Hygiene and Health: Stay clean and stay away from unhygienic food and activities. Jumping in muddy puddles is tempting, but it’s unhygienic and can make you sick. Don’t eat unhygienic street food. Apply or use mosquito repellents daily if your house is prone to mosquitoes. Take care of your health.

Stay Updated: Follow the news. Heavy rains are famous for disrupting the balance of daily life. If you stay updated, then you won’t be stranded during heavy rains. During heavy rains, step out only if it’s really important.