Browns and Eagles poke fun at NFL social media policy

Social Media

The National Football League is very protective of its product, and that might be the understatement of all-time.

The league, headed by commissioner Roger Goodell, introduced a new social media policy to crack down on its own teams sharing video highlights on different platforms. Teams that post unapproved video during games could be fined — $25,000 for a first offense and $50,000 for a second. Any further infractions would draw a six-figure fine and a loss of right to League-Controlled Content.

Social media professionals are usually pretty creative people, and find ways around obstacles — or at least poke fun at the rules in place.

The departments of the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles had fun in this realm Sunday — while both of their teams were losing Week 6 matchups.

The Eagles “re-enacted” several plays of a loss to the Washington Redskins by using figures from an old, electric football game.The Browns had their own version of the trolling fun.We have to wonder what the fine from the league will be for drawing attention to a pretty silly rule?

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