What you can expect in iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8


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We’ve talked ad nauseam about iPhones and Samsung Galaxies in the past few months. So why bring them up again? While you’ve been soothing your bruised hopes about the iPhone 7 (and bruised faces in the case of the Note 7), the tech world has kept itself busy with leaks and reports that suggest there’s reason to cheer.

From wireless charging to bendable bodies, 2017 might just be the year smartphone companies deliver on their promise of bringing in the ‘next big thing’.


The most interesting of the lot is the latest round reports about the iPhone. According to more than one tech commentator, 2017 might finally see the iPhone getting wireless charging. Not that it will be a technological first – Qi charging already exists in a number of models – but because charging cables have especially been a major grouse for iPhone loyalists.

Another major update that’s expected is ditching the home button. Reports suggest that while the iPhone may have newer tech like retinal or facial recognition for unlocking, it will quite probably have the finger-print scanner right on the screen for easier access. There’s also enough reason to believe that the iPhone 8 might be the first phone to get an all-glass body with OLED screen (finally). This concept video shows what it might look like.


On the other hand, while Samsung has faced a setback in the Note 7, the Korean major’s fortunes are banking on how much it can impress with its next model, the soon-to-arrive S8. And as far as reports can tell us, there’s reason to be optimistic here as well. Reports recently revealed that the S8 might have a 4K display – aimed at the booming VR market and its own highly-rated Gear VR.

Another interesting development we might see in the S8 is the presence of Samsung’s own AI assistant. A recent report revealed Samsung has applied for a patent for an AI platform called ‘Bixby’. This development has made concrete the rumours created when Samsung acquired Viv, the company that originally made Apple’s Siri, in October this year. What will be new is that Viv’s platform allows third-party apps to tap into its capabilities, meaning you can use the AI assistant for in-app commands as well.

Samsung Gear VR 2

While they’ll surely have enough competition in the Pixel, One Plus 3T and Moto M among others, the two biggest names in the smartphone world are probably our best bets for pushing the envelope for next-gen smartphones.