Chat: ‘Sharenting’ – do your parents post pics of you on social media?

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If parents post pictures of you online, do they always ask if that’s OK? And are you happy with what they’ve posted?

We asked a big group of 10 to 12-year-olds, who have social media accounts,and 2 in 3 of them said their parents share photos of them on social media.

More than 1 in 4 of them told us they actually feel embarrassed, anxious or worried when their parents do this.

Sometimes parents do get it right though – other children said it made them feel happy or proud.

So we want to know how you feel about parents sharing pictures of you on their social media? Do they think enough about what they post?

Does it make you feel happy and proud, or are you worried and embarrassed by it?

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  • Do your parents, guardians or other family members post pictures of you on their social media?
  • How does it make you feel? And do they always ask if it’s OK first?
  • Do you feel happy or proud that photos of you are being shared on social media, or are you angry or embarrassed by it?

Your comments

My mum has Facebook and once posted a photo of me eating cupcakes. I actually did not want her to post it. I was really embarrassed. But now she always asks me.

Lily, 10, England

My mum takes pictures over my shoulder of what I am texting to my sister and posts that. I have asked her to take it down or blur what we have been talking about.

Mark, 10, East Sussex

My mum posted a picture of me when I was a baby – I didn’t like it. It embarrassed me.

Ajay, 10, East Sussex

My sister takes Snapchat pictures of me – it embarrasses me. I ask her not to but she videos me doing that too!

Shay, 10, East Sussex

My sister takes pictures of me and posts them. I don’t really like it but I don’t say anything.

Alfie, 10, East Sussex

My mum points her phone at me all the time and takes sneaky videos and pictures. I think it is funny – if I see her I deliberately do something weird.

Reuben, 11, East Sussex

My mum posts pictures of me when I am sleeping and they are really embarrassing. I don’t really mind.

Alex, 11, East Sussex

My mum always posts embarrassing photos of me on Facebook and she does it to my dad as well!


It’s OK if parents know all of their friends on social media accounts.

When your parents want to post a picture with you and your friend, they should ask permission of the friend too!

I like being on social media, but your parents should still ask you to make sure!

I like it because it can be funny!

You should make sure you know who will see the pictures.

You need to be careful with Snapchat and Instagram too.

Only put pictures of people if they want you to.

Class 4L, Stourbridge

Just the other day my mum posted the same picture on Instagram and Facebook, and I felt really uncomfortable. I spoke to my mum, and as soon as I told her she immediately removed them.

Ruby, 10

Sometimes my mum posts these super embarrassing pictures of me, like when I’ve spilt half of an ice cream on my nose! Most of the time I don’t like what my mum posts on Facebook about me.

Isla, 9, Scotland

Perfect split in Squirrels! 11 of us are embarrassed by our parents posting on social media, and 11 of us are not!

Waldringfield School, Suffolk

My parents do post pics of me and my brothers and sisters online. My grandma does it as well, and some of my family.

Jessica, 15, London

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