Clothing drive for the needy a success


Flint (WJRT) – (12/24/2016) – The Kappa Sigma brothers decided it was time to clean out their closets and the idea passed quickly through the Campus and community.
Soon this display of shopping bags was collected full of clothes for families in need.
Organizer, Doug Swift said, “This all started with me realizing that I was running out of room to put my clothes because I have recently been losing weight so fast, so often, and ended up having to buy new clothes over and over again which filled my dresser rather quickly. So, I thought about what should I do with all these extra clothes I couldn’t wear anymore. This led me to start filling up a garbage bag to donate to charity. Before even five minutes was up I had filled up an entire garbage bag with pretty decent clothes I just couldn’t fit in anymore.

This made me realize probably tons of my fraternity brothers could do the same thing just as easily. One thing led to another sorority’s got involved we set up drop boxes on campus, one at my sisters store in Flushing, I contacted Volunteers of America, developed a relationship with some of the upper management, and a little over two weeks later we managed to collect a garage full of clothes plus more. The UM-Flint campus and the Flint community as a whole really came through.”
The effort helped provide a sizable donation to help Veterans and their family’s, the elderly, and those who are in need during Christmas.