So Evernote won’t be reading your private notes after all?


So-Evernote-wont-be-reading-your-private-notes-after-allEvernote has made an U turn. After a public outrage against the company’s changed privacy policy allowing machines and employees read user’s private data, Evernote has retraced its steps back and announced in a blog post that it will not be moving forward with such changes. It even called its proposed policy a ‘misstep’.

Evernote wrote, “(we) will be revising our existing privacy policy to address our customer’s concerns, reinforce that their existing data remains private by default and confirm the trust they have placed in Evernote is well founded.””No employees will be reading note content as part of this process unless users opt in,” the company added.

Evernote announced earlier this week that to improve its machine learning capabilities, the company would be allowing a handful of vetted staff to go through user’s private notes to see if the technology is working properly.

According to the new privacy policy that would have been implemented from January next year, Evernote was offering a straitjacket choice between opting in and enjoying all the benefits or opting out and receive a worse service.

“We are excited about what we can offer Evernote customers thanks to the use of machine learning, but we must ask for permission, not assume we have it. We’re sorry we disappointed our customers, and we are reviewing our entire privacy policy because of this,” Evernote wrote.