Facebook Messenger Bots Get Quick Replies and Other New Features


Facebook Messenger Bots Get Quick Replies and Other New Features


  • Facebook now allows you to rate messenger bots
  • Users can respond to bots using quick replies
  • Businesses can now link customer accounts to their Messenger accounts

Facebook on Friday announced new features for its messenger bots that would enable users to rate their favourite (or least favourite) bots, similar to apps on various app stores. Facebook will now also allow users to respond to messages via a new feature called “quick replies”.

For example, a bot might ask you to pick a destination for travel and simply offer “Mumbai” or “Bengaluru” as the two quick reply options. Now, Bots will also feature persistent navigation options in the window itself, in case the user forgets a text command.

Engadget also reports that businesses will now also be presented with the option to link their customers’ accounts with their Messenger accounts. As a result, the user can directly access a personalised service right through the messenger.

Facebook has claimed that the account linking protocol is safe but in order to not force anything onto the users (or businesses) the option is available as an opt-in.

From now on, the bots will also be able to send gifs, video, audio, and files. In order to provide more information about the bots Facebook has announced a new blog that will keep users updated about the latest developments regarding the bots. Facebook also announced that over 23,000 developers have registered on its Wit.ai bot engine, and more than 11,000 bots have launched on Messenger.

[Source  NDTV]