Five Long-Term Projects to Take Up This Summer


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The summer is just around the corner. The warm weather brings us more motivation to try new ideas and set them into action. You might be getting the sense now that you want to do something awesome to make the summer feel extra special — especially after the year and a half we have had due to the coronavirus pandemic — but you might be unsure exactly where to start. Thankfully, you’re in exactly the right place, as this guide will outline five ways to make the months of June, July and August the best they can possibly be. Read on now in order to learn more.

DIY Projects

If you want a fun way to keep busy in the summer without having to break the bank, there is nothing better than simply flinging yourself into some amazing DIY projects. Not only will this give you a sense of accomplishment, boosting your mental health, but it is likely to keep you fit throughout the season. You can start with small and simple projects, like adjustments to your house, before building objects from scratch with the power of welding. For the latter option, make sure to get a great deal on a variety of welding machines.

Creative Writing Projects

Whether it’s a screenplay idea you’ve always been meaning to put to paper, a novel bursting with life and characters, or a memoir detailing your various exploits, this summer is the best time to start some writing pursuits. If you can get time off this summer from work, make sure to book off a week or two to get started on the next great writing project.

Traveling Extravaganza

With the news that more countries and territories, such as the EU, will be open to American tourists this summer, why not book that once-in-a-lifetime trip that you will simply never forget? Try and think of an itinerary that ticks off several destinations in one go, like a great cruise ship tour, luxury train adventure or an island-hopping dream journey.

Learning a Language

It’s likely that if you want to go abroad, you will be much better served by learning the local language. Now with the power of the internet and the many free tools that come with it, it is easier than ever to learn a completely new language from scratch. Make sure to download language learning apps and watch videos in your desired language to get up to date with the lingo.

Learning to Cook

Whether you are a seasoned cook who wants to try out new recipes or a complete greenhorn who has decided now is the time to get started, the summer is a great time to start to learn how to cook. If you have a lovely outside garden area in your house, you can even experiment with bringing out the BBQ. Make sure to get a machine that works to your liking, then invite your friends over to sample your new recipes.