Gendered Clothing Is (Still) The Worst, & This 8-Year-Old Has Had It

Long gone are the days of kids saying the “darndest” things. Nowadays, children are so scarily woke, they’re outsmarting — and out-progressing — most grown-ups. Today, 8-year-old feminist Daisy Edmonds is here with a message about just how not here she is for mega-corporations still pushing out gender-controlling product to her and her girl-power-proud friends.
 In the video, Daisy and her mom are shopping at U.K. chain Tesco when the inequalities between boys’ and girls’ clothes become so blatantly obvious, it would be silly not to whip out a camera phone and start recording a video. After comparing the graphics of the two groups of shirts — “Hey,” “Beautiful,” and “I feel fabulous!” for the girls, and “Desert adventure awaits,” “Think outside the box,” and “Hero!” for the boys — Daisy points out what’s so frustrating about putting kids in gendered boxes from a young age.

“It’s unfair because everyone thinks that girls should just be pretty, and boys should just be adventurous,” she says in the clip. “Why should boys and girls clothes even be separated? We’re just as good as each other.” We won’t spoil it for you, but she continues as if she were teaching a lecture on gender studies — and, as her mom quips in the background, it’s “brilliant.” As Daisy proves, it’s important to remember that feminists come in all different genders, sizes, races, and ages.

And, of course, she’s right. It’s conditioning like this — yes, something as simple as separate sections and dressing rooms for boys and girls — that’s responsible for how we treat acts of gender neutrality, or gender-embrace, today. (Heads turn when a man peruses the racks in the women’s section of a store, for example.)

We’re happy kids like Daisy — and earlier this year, the Filas kid — are speaking out and leading the pack toward different types of clothing for everyone, regardless of gender identity.

[Source:-Refinery 29]