Maria Sharapova’s 6-minute bathroom break turn heads at US Open tennis


Russian Maria Sharapova reacts during her first round women's singles match against Simona Halep of Romania at the 2017 US Open in New York on Monday.

While the emotional win, that saw Maria Sharapova drop to her knees and then sit and sob on her chair, won accolades, her six-minute bathroom break before the start of the third set too turned heads on the social media.

Sharapova was cruising to a straight-sets win, up 4-1 in the second after winning the first, before Simona Halep rallied to take the second 6-4.

The Russian, however, took a bathroom break before the start of the third and while it is normal for players to do that, the six-minute long break was unusual.

Her Romanian opponent, however, had no problems with it. “She always does it, I’m used to it,” the second seeded Halep said.

The effect seemed immediate as Sharapova cruised to a 3-0 lead in the third set.

American radio host Adam Gold took a dig at her on Twitter saying, “Can’t stand that kind of gamesmanship that Sharapova just pulled. But, you know she’d never do anything remotely dishonest. Right?”