May the Fourth Be With You — 15 ‘Star Wars’ Gadgets for Under $15


Image result for May the Fourth Be With You — 15 ‘Star Wars’ Gadgets for Under $15A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away — actually, 40 years ago this very summer — a movie universe was born.

“Star Wars” has come a long way from that original 1977 film, Princess Leia’s cinnamon-bun hairstyle and all. Many of the kids who saw that first movie as wide-eyed grade schoolers are still fans today, eagerly awaiting December’s release of “The Last Jedi” and busily introducing their own young “Padawan” to the power of the Force.

As the universe celebrates Star Wars Day on May 4th — as in, “May the Fourth be with you” — we’ve rounded up the best Star Wars-related products that any fan would appreciate. None of them are essential, but they sure are fun:

1. Lightsaber flatware set

Think Geek / Money Talks News

Even Jedi and Sith warriors have to put down their lightsabers to eat. Or do they? In this flatware set, the fork features Luke’s lightsaber hilt, the spoon Yoda’s, and the knife Darth Vader’s. Note: They don’t light up or work in galactic battles, and they’re not dishwasher safe, but they sure seem like the kind of utensils the Mos Eisley cantina might have used. ($4.99 for set of three, Think Geek)

2. R2-D2 lunch kit

Most lunchboxes are square, but this kit is shaped just like R2-D2, everyone’s favorite original droid. It’s padded, zippered, insulated and features a button that emits sound effects and lights when you press it. Perfect for packing Little Luke and Leia that thermos of blue Bantha milk. ($14.99, Target)

3. Han Solo in carbonite ice tray

Now this is chilling. Remember in “The Empire Strikes Back” when Han Solo is frozen inside a slab of carbonite, only to become a decoration in Jabba the Hutt’s palace in “Return of the Jedi”? Who wouldn’t want to be reminded of Han’s almost-fatal freezing (um, spoiler?) every time they hoist a drink? The mold can also be used for Jell-O or chocolate. ($7.99, Spencer’s)

4. Lightsaber selfie stick

You need to take that perfect group selfie before heading off to destroy the Death Star. Any selfie stick will do, but this one, like the flatware mentioned earlier, has a lightsaber handle — and not from just any lightsaber, but Darth Vader’s lightsaber handle. Cram the whole squadron into the picture and instead of saying “cheese,” try “Chewie.” ($3.99, Think Geek)

5. Death Star kitchen timer

When you need to know exactly how many minutes before Alderaan is blasted out of existence (sorry, Leia), you need this Death Star kitchen timer. Just wind it to the time you need (up to 59 minutes) and it’ll count down and buzz when time’s up. No word on whether it has an unguarded thermal exhaust port. ($11.80, Amazon)

6. Darth Vader oven mitt

We’ve written about a Stormtrooper oven mitt before, but this silicone Darth Vader version is without a doubt the creepiest kitchen helper out there. Even though it looks like you could use it to Force-choke a recalcitrant Empire general, don’t be tempted! This is purely for protecting your delicate human hands when you reach into the oven — it’s heat-resistant up to 445 degrees F. ($13.94, Amazon)

7. Cookie cutters

Want a chewy Chewie? This set of six (only four shown above) cookie cutters comes with Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Yoda, Boba Fett, C-3PO and a Stormtrooper (he kinda looks like a monkey, but the other ones are right on). Just don’t let your cookies turn to the Dark Side in the oven. ($5.99 for set of six, Think Geek)

8. Millennium Falcon bottle opener

Oh, like Han Solo never cracked a cold one. You just know the captain of the Millennium Falcon would’ve been proud to use this replica of his fabled ship to open an interplanetary ale and sip away his stress. Besides, in the Star Wars universe it’s a lot safer to drink at home — the Mos Eisley cantina staff always wants to know who took a shot first. ($5.49, Amazon)

9. Death Star cutting board

That’s no moon, it’s a space station. And also a cutting board. Chop up your tauntaun (or maybe just some celery) on this wooden cutting board embossed with the design of the galaxy’s most terrifying weapon. All Imperial reports claim that it’s fully operational. ($11.99, Think Geek)

10. Character plates

Not sure if plates qualify as “gadgets,” but we couldn’t leave these out. This set of four brightly decorated melamine plates, featuring Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and R2-D2, are almost as cute as BB-8. ($14.99 for set of four, Target)