Ms. Vampy Clothing Line Launching Tomorrow!


Here at DC we’re big fans of Brooke Lewis and her “Ms. Vampy” alter ego so when she told us about her upcoming new clothing line, launching just in time for Halloween, of course we had to share the news!

From the Press Release:
Rock n’ roll lifestyle company Metal Babe Mayhem (owned by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen) partners with “Ms. Vampy,” aka actress, scream queen, life & dating coach, and author Brooke Lewis, to launch their one-of-a-vampire-kind Ms. Vampy clothing design for Halloween 2016.

Following the release of their “Rock Your Hot Mess” clothing line, the Girl Power duo teamed up again to bring you a clothing design that moves you to “Rock Your Inner Vamp with Ms. Vampy at Metal Babe Mayhem.”

“Ms. Vampy” is America’s funniest, sassiest, and most high-maintenance Brooklyn vampire! Her personality is as big as her hair, and she is often described as Betty Boop meets Mona in My Cousin Vinny. She loves pleather, fur, music, and everything red and wouldn’t be caught “dead” without high heels! But there’s much more to this lovable vampiress with positive messages and a heart of gold.

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen, a “rock journalist with a clothing line,” established Metal Babe Mayhem in 2006 in an effort to support and promote rock n’ roll. Metal Babe Mayhem… Where Music and Fashion Meet houses hundreds of music reviews, band interviews, a monthly playlist, and carries over 200 unique products, including clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

This Ms. Vampy original design is brought to you by the incredible artistic talent of Bill Bronson. Bill created the original Metal Babe Mayhem lips/bones design and worked with Alison and Brooke to design their Rock Your Hot Mess line. Bill is most known for his work with Pin USA and has exceptional experience doing figure drawing.

Currently the clothing line consists of the Ms. Vampy design on a variety of options, including tank tops, baby dolls, v-necks, long-sleeved shirts, and men’s t-shirts.

This one-of-a-vampire-kind Ms. Vampy clothing design can be purchased at Metal Babe Mayhem beginning tomorrow, October 7th.


[Source:-Dread Central]