Obama administration releases searchable archive of social media posts

Social Media

President Obama’s entire social media presence as POTUS is now available in a single online archive. The administration today launched The Obama White House Social Media Archive, a searchable collection of everything the president and his administration posted on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest during his two terms in office.

According to ArchiveSocial, the platform on which the archive is hosted, this includes more than 100 social media profiles associated with the White House and more than 250,000 total posts.

As of right now, the archive’s search function isn’t the smoothest. A general search like “healthcare” will yield nearly 600 tangential results, including tweets from White House staffers. The Advanced Search will allow you to narrow things down a bit, with filters for date range and social media platform.

The Obama administration has already released details on what the transition of social media accounts will look like as Donald Trump moves into the White House. Most of the accounts will be switched over on Inauguration Day, and Obama’s tweet history as @POTUS will live on at @POTUS44.

[Source:-The Verge]