Police: Tinder date steals man’s clothing and phone


SPRINFIELD, Ore.- A Mapleton man lost his clothes and phone early Tuesday morning after an online dating service meetup went wrong,

Springfield Police are looking for a woman who allegedly stole the man’s belongings, leaving him with just a coat and towel to wear.

Police say the man and woman were chatting on Tinder, an online dating service, for several months. They arranged to meet at the Village Inn on Mohawk Boulevard in Springfield.

He rented a room there and stepped into the shower- that’s when the woman entered the room and took his clothes and iPhone 7.

“He’s never seen her, he doesn’t know who this is- we don’t know either. We have some leads we’re following up, but obviously we’re telling people that if you’re going to meet people, via that app, then I’d recommend meeting them someplace in public during the daylight hours,” Springfield Police Sgt. Rich Charboneau told KVAL.

Sgt. Charboneau says the man tried to contact the woman after she stole his belongings, but she deleted her Tinder profile. Sgt. Charboneau also told KVAL the woman may have used a fake photo on her dating profile. She also used two different names- Lacey and Ashley.

Police say they have a phone number that may link to the suspect.