Readers Debate the Merits of Social Media Before and After the Election

Social Media

Last Sunday, Farhad Manjoo wrote about social media fatigue in the wake of the presidential election. Twitter, he suggests, may have peaked as the results rolled in. Now some frequent users are quitting the network entirely. Our readers pointed out that Twitter isn’t the only platform that people are purging. Below are some of their comments from Facebook, which have been edited for grammar, style and space.

  1. Facebook is pretty toxic these days, too. A really ugly side of (some) people comes out. I have thought about quitting, but I do enjoy the links to the NYT and other publications and sites.

    Cathy Hirsch, Atlanta

  2. If everybody gave up Twitter for just a few weeks, Trump would have nobody to spew with.

    Sherry Nicholson

  3. All social media is toxic. Reading an article is one thing, but when you scroll to the comments, you realize that the world is an ugly place. Even worse is when you see the ugliness coming from people you thought you knew.

    Stacey Solano-Kiedaisch, San Francisco

  4. I find people to be self-important on Twitter. They’ll stir up the pot with someone who is on the other side, then post their dissent in a “Can you believe how I’m being attacked?” way.

    Lisa Wright Wallace

  5. I found my piece of utopia on Tumblr. I don’t have to follow any of the drama like the other platforms.

    Vonmiwi Culvera, London

  6. Remember the days when none of this existed?

    Tony Flores

    [Source:-The new Yourk Times]