Superdry’s Berlin Flagship Features An Interactive Mirror To Try On Clothing


Superdry’s Berlin Flagship Features An Interactive Mirror To Try On Clothing

Customers can use the device to see how winter clothing will look on them before buying


  • 19 DECEMBER 2016

Seymourpowell, a design company known for creating cutting-edge concepts, has created a smart mirror for British clothing company Superdry. Customers walk up to the mirror to view any of Superdry’s winter apparel. This provides customers the option to observe how the piece of clothing looks in the mirror before they purchase the item. The smart mirror is located in Superdry’s flagship store in Berlin.

Customers start the process by walking up to the mirror, however, they will not see an image of themselves. A model will wear all of the clothing, wearing a winter helmet and goggles while surrounded by snow. The model reflects the movements the customer makes in front of the mirror to show off how the articles of clothing move and would fit.

Superdry Winter Clothing_Shown_Off_With_Interactive_Smart_Mirror.jpg

From here, a customer picks to view either the men’s choices or the women’s. A customer makes a swooping motion with their arms to change jackets. While browsing the choices, color variants of the jackets are displayed to present a diversity to customers. This provides an accessible digital catalog without customers having to look down at a registry or taking out their phones to see what’s available.


If they see a jacket they like, they move both hands up in the air in a cheering motion to give the jacket a ‘vote.’ For the company, this is a better method to see which jackets customers prefer rather than having them fill out a survey or an online questionnaire. Customers are also encouraged to share their experiences on social media.

The experience encourages interaction by customers, rather than having them aimlessly wander around the store. When the mirror is not in use, the large screen showcases the collection of Superdry’s winter clothing. This makes it a centerpiece to admire rather than simply waiting for someone to jump in front of it.

The smart mirror will update remotely based on Seymourpowell’s digital team and remains maintenance-free. In the future, Superdry will include additional concepts to capture users’ data and more products will be added to the winter collection. Once a new season hits, the smart mirror will likely have a brand new clothing lineup to present to customers.